“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains”. (unknown)

Our dear friend and colleague, Joy Smiley Zabala passed away peacefully on July 1, 2021, from cancer. She was an inspiring leader, a gifted communicator, a passionate advocate, and a beloved friend. Joy was a co-founder of QIAT, and the developer of the SETT Framework. Joy shared information on SETT, QIAT, AEM, UDL and more in every state in the US and in many countries. She made friends everywhere she went.  Joy loved her work, her friends, her time on the water, and especially loved her family. We are grateful that they shared her with all of us.

On behalf of Joy’s family and colleagues, CAST announced the establishment of a fellowship program in her honor.  The Joy Zabala Fellowship in Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials will celebrate the life and work of our dear colleague.

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Or mail your gift to: Joy Zabala Fellowship Fund, c/o CAST, Inc., 178 Albion St., Suite 210, Wakefield, MA 01880.

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The QIAT Community is a nationwide grassroots group that includes hundreds of individuals who provide input into the ongoing process of identifying, disseminating, and implementing a set of widely-applicable Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services in school settings that can be used as a tool to support:

  • school districts as they strive to develop and provide quality assistive technology services aligned to federal, state and local mandates
  • assistive technology service providers as they evaluate and constantly improve their services
  • consumers of assistive technology services as they seek adequate assistive technology services which meet their needs
  • universities and professional developers as they conduct research and deliver programs that promote the development of the competencies needed to provide quality assistive technology services
  • policy makers as they attempt to develop judicious and equitable policies related to assistive technology services.

The website supports QIAT’s mission of guiding the development and delivery of quality assistive technology services by providing the QIAT Community with a gateway to resources.

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