QIAT in Action

QIAT Webinar Series – The free archived sessions can be viewed on the AbleNet YouTube channel.

Series Overview

Are you looking for ideas and resources that can assist you in improving your AT services? Join members of the QIAT Leadership Team to learn about resources available to assist with evaluation of services & continuous improvement. This series will share information about the 8 areas of Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology & resources developed by the QIAT Community. Participants will have opportunities to give feedback & discuss AT services with members of QIAT. This series of workshops will provide a foundational background to the work of QIAT and QIAT tools & resources to support integration of AT in schools & other settings. 

QIAT Session Videos on YouTube

QIAT Session 1: Overview of QIAT 

QIAT Session 2: Consideration of AT Needs

QIAT Session 3: Assessment of AT Needs

QIAT Session 4: Including Assistive Technology in the IEP

QIAT Session 5: AT Implementation

QIAT Session 6: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of AT

QIAT Session 7: AT Transition

QIAT Session 8: Professional Development and Training in AT

QIAT Session 9: Administrative Support of AT Services

QIAT Session 10: Using QIAT Resources