About Us

The mission of QIAT is to guide the provision of quality assistive technology services to improve the educational achievement of students with disabilities. The purpose of the site is to provide access to the work of the QIAT Community in the form of the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services and supporting documents. QIAT also offers forums for participation in the work of the Community and engagement in collegial conversations around the work.

The QIAT website supports the mission by making available to the QIAT Community a gateway to information including:

  • Quality Indicators, Intent Statements, and Matrices
  • Resources including QIAT in Action and the Resource Bank for sharing resources
  • The QIAT List and searchable archives
  • Announcements

QIAT Leadership Team

The QIAT Leadership Team is primarily comprised of individuals who came together in 1998 to explore ways to improve implementation of the assistive technology requirements of IDEA.

They are assistive technology (AT) service providers from multiple professional training backgrounds, parents and family members of persons with disabilities.  Additional members have been added to maintain this balance when vacancies occurred. Members of the QIAT Leadership team donate their time and expertise to further the implementation of the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology.

The QIAT Leadership Team supports collaboration of the QIAT Community made up of individuals across the USA and around the world. The Leadership Team facilitates the ongoing work of the QIAT Community by 

  • Gathering and refining input from the QIAT Community
  • Developing resources in response to information gathered
  • Disseminating QIAT resources through presentations
  • Organizing and hosting QIAT Summits
  • Developing and maintaining the QIAT web site
  • Facilitating the QIAT email list

Through this process the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services, the QIAT Matrices and other supporting resources have been developed, refined and made available to the QIAT Community via the web site and the QIAT list