Here you will find a variety of resources related to the development and sharing of QIAT.

This is the place to share resources by contributing to the QIAT Resource Bank and follow links to some other web sites for people interested in assistive technology in general.

A Compiled List of Resources for each QIAT Area

A List of Resources by Area for Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services These resources include websites, documents on websites, and commercially available materials that relate to each of the eight QIAT areas. (LIST-MS Word) (LIST-PDF)

Guiding Documents

Guiding documents expand upon the quality indicators providing additional depth. The eight areas are completed and available to download as both Microsoft Word and PDF.

  1. Guiding Document for Including Assistive Technology In the IEP: (GDIEP-MS Word) (GDIEP-PDF)
  2. Guiding Document for Implementation: (GDIMP-MS Word) (GDIMP-PDF)
  3. Guiding Document for Evaluation of Effectiveness: (GDEE-MS Word) (GDEE-PDF)
  4. Guiding Document for Transition: (GDTRAN-MS Word) (GDTRAN-PDF)
  5. Guiding Document for Professional Development: (GDPD-MS Word) (GDPD-PDF)
  6. Guiding Document for Consideration: (GDCON-MS Word) (GDCON-PDF)
  7. Guiding Document for Administrative Support: (GDADMIN-Word) (GDADMIN-PDF)
  8. Guiding Document for Assessment: (GDASSESS-Word) (GDASSESS-PDF)
  9. Reference List for Citations: (RLC-MS Word) (RLC-PDF)

Planning Documents

The documents in this section were developed by participants at QIAT Summits held in various sites around the country beginning in 2000. Following initial development each document was vetted and revised by participants at QIAT sessions at regional and national conferences. 

  1. Administrator Assistive Technology Planner: (AP-MS Word)(AP-PDF)
  2. Assistive Technology Assessment Process Planner: (AP-MS Word) (AP-PDF)
  3. Plan for Evaluation of Effectiveness of Assistive Technology Use: (EE-MS Word) (EE-PDF)
  4. Assistive Technology Consideration Guide: (CG-MS Word) (CG-PDF)
  5. Transition Planning Worksheet: (TranP-MS Word)(TranP-PDF)
  6. AT in the IEP Planner: (IEPP-MS Word) (IEPP- PDF)
  7. AT in Professional Development Planner: (PDP-MS Word(PDP- PDF)
  8. AT Implmentation Planner: (IP-MS Word) (IP-PDF)