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The Accessibility Standards in Procurement document contains a sample rubric that school districts could modify and embed into RFPs for digital content. (Janet McSorley 2013)

Describes the duties of the AT specialist that is a shared position between the Technology and Special Education Departments. (Cindy Szulewski-Booth 2011)

Describes the duties of a School System AT Specialist that is shared with the Technology Departments. (Cindy Szulewski-Booth 2011)

An acceptable use policy sign-off form for using audio recording in the classroom, specifically the Livescribe Smart Pen. (Andrew Hess 2011)

For AT that does not stay on district site(s), for home-school transporting of AT, or for use of district-owned equipment at private/alternate locations or other facilities. (MaryLou Hatley 2016)

This form was created to document that a family is sending equipment to school to be used in the student’s program.  It is specific to AAC equipment but can be modified for any AT. (Gayl Bowser 2010)

Form used in Indian Prairie School District, to get accessible materials for specific students. (Jacquie Criger 2011)

Use this form for teams to provide information prior to initial meeting. (Wendy Homlish 2011)

Sample procedure detailing team members responsible and forms to use. (Sara Menzel 2014)

From IEP Consideration to Assistive Technology Plan. (Sara Menzel 2014)

Form that documents AT a student has tried, or is using, with effectiveness rating. The Plan is documented on the IEP form and meant to be reviewed on a regular basis. (Sara Menzel 2014)

This PowerPoint is meant to be presented with a packet of forms, including QIAT Indicators for Consideration and the Consideration Guide (Adapted from QIAT Leadership Team (2013), Assistive Technology Procedures for IEP Teams (sample), Request for AT Assistance (sample), and Assistive Technology Plan. (Sara Menzel 2014)

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