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Software and Apps

Add a text box to pdf. file to support interactive use with Free Adobe Reader. (Nettie Fischer 2013)

Convert Bookshare files (text with images) to Kindle Format. (Wendy Homlish 2011)

Create interactive forms that can be completed in the Free Adobe Reader. (Nettie Fischer)

Follow to get downloaded books from Bookshare onto the Read2Go app on the iPad. (Kimberly Berry 2011)

I am endeavoring to compile a set of lesson plans to teach elementary and middle school students voice training. My goal is to compile data from pre-testing, 3-4 lessons, and post-testing to prove the increase in voice recognition accuracy. These plans are in a very initial stage and are currently being used. Helpful suggestions are appreciated-and thank you in advance! (Joan Manchester 2016)

Notability is a $.99 app for the iPad. The pencil writing feature along with the magnifier tool, may allow a means for students to write math more legibly than on paper. See as a possible bridge tool between MathPad+ and MathType. (Linda Hartman)

Step by step instructions on how students can get their work from teachers through Google Drive, open the document in Claro PDF, use Claro PDF to read out text and write onto the document, and then email completed document to teacher. (Bridgette Nicholson 2013)

Consideration form with questions that committee members might want to consider when evaluating an app. (Hindie Becker Dershowitz 2013)

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