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A list of iPad Features was developed with contributions from the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) Community’s electronic mail list.  (Gayl Bowser 2019)

Mobile phone and tablet apps have the special appeal of ease of access and convenience in situations where time so often is of the essence, and space is so often limited (e.g., inside ambulances, or at bedside). The apps listed  represent just the tip of the iceberg of the resources that are now so quickly becoming available, but they illustrate the broad range of purposes that can be met by mobile apps in health care settings, for people with language and cultural differences, for people with transitory or long-term communication difficulties, for those with low health literacy, and for other significant segments of the health care population. (Harvey Press 2011)

This document compares several features of iOS word prediction apps. (Darla Ashton 2014)

List of apps that can be used to encourage students with physical disabilities to move. May be useful for PT’s and OT’s. (Kathy White 2013)

This handout includes a checklist of Features of AAC Applications for Ipads/Ipods/Iphones and Androids, as well as a listing of Apps as of October 26, 2011. Resources for keeping up to date are on the 2nd page. (Kelly Fonner 2011)

Compares features of some apps that can be used to create social narratives or stories. (Darla Ashton 2014)

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